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I have numerous callings on my life, but those closest to me call me Chevy. My gifts were passed down from my ancestors. My great great great great grandmother was the mother of the Meherrin Native American Tribe. Even though it has been a century since her death, her tradition, her devotion, her passion, and her power navigates through my blood from the tip of my hair to the bottom of my feet. My ancestors waded in swamps as they dreamed of emancipation and absolute freedom that would one day come to fruition in my great grandmother. It is my honor to carry on the family legacy of awakening my community to freedom by meeting and maintaining their highest selves. By blood, I am a healer, a light worker, and an energetic reader. I never knew the strength of my powers until I had to heal myself. I am a certified Reiki Practitioner where I transform the healing energy in my bloodline to nourish your soul.


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