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Fall Into Alignment

Mercury retrograde has not been messing around chillleee. If you haven’t been affected then you got lucky. The majority of us have been tested to see what we are truly made of. My family and I have all felt the energy so we decided to take a quick trip to the Great Smoky Mountains to disconnect from everything outside of us and ground ourselves. I knew the moment that I took this picture that there was a lesson to be revealed. I mean look at it. How can you not look at Mother Nature do her thing and not be utterly amazed? She’s not doing anything other than being herself. Existing. Going through the seasons. Giving you the best that she’s got no matter the location or the weather. As humans I think we can learn a lot from simply looking at our surroundings. We think we aren’t doing enough. We feel like we are just standing there falling a part. If trees could talk, they might say the same thing.

A few weeks ago they were flourishing in the warm sun showing off the green pigments that give life to so many creatures. Now in their eyes, they could very well feel like they are falling apart. They could feel like the world is growing cold and nobody notices. But to those looking in, to us humans, watching the trees change colors is a breathtaking sight. We know that despite the leaves falling off, in the spring there will be new leaves to grow from a tree that has rested well through the winter. Maybe just maybe that is us. We might feel like we are falling a part sometimes, but when you have balance and alignment within you are able to see how your transformation, though it may be difficult, will benefit you and others in the long run.

The most amazing thing through it all is that someone is watching you and admiring all of your being. They admire how your leaves change colors and you stand tall and proud as you prepare for transition. People look to you and draw strength from your perseverance. You may feel like you aren’t making the cut but I promise you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t the MVP of your arena. You are going through your seasonal transformation because your growth provides nourishment to other trees in the forest. The example of your growth and perseverance is exactly what it will take for those admiring you not to give up.

We transform throughout the seasons so that we can grow to reach our full potential. We all know strongest trees in the forest didn't get to tower and kiss the sun by deciding to fold in the winter. Mother nature has taught even the plants and animals the importance of shedding layers to go within and do the work to thrive and grow year after year. Make a commitment to yourself that no matter what the situation is that is bringing about the transformation that you will gain everything you can from it. No experience is to be wasted.

Just like nature conserves its energy to nourish and repair itself, you are to do the same with your energy. Take the time to go within and do the work to be in alignment with your highest self. Mercury is still in retrograde for a few more days and the shadow period will last a couple more weeks. There is still time to get the maximum benefits from the last Mercury retrograde of the season. Knowing the status of your chakras is not only a major key to spiritual fitness, but also going to play a major part in success during this Mercury Retrograde. We are aiming to enter into the new decade with the energy that serves our highest good. Knowing how to properly address your own energy will empower you to create harmony within that will flow over into the way you deal with outside people and circumstances . Stand tall and do your work during your transformation. Then meet me at the top!!!

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