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Flowers Anonymous

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

The flowers in the purple vase are my Mother's Day gift from the other side

No lie, my ancestors sent me flowers for mother's day. My king sent me flowers (left) , but when his delivery came there were 2 bouquets. One of the cards was from him. It was a detailed note that sent vibrations of love through my soul with every word I read. Then there was the card on the other bouquet. It was addressed to me & read “Happy Mother’s Day to the best mother and life partner we could imagine”. I initially thought my king sent me both bouquets but when he got home he asked where the second one came from. After a few moments of looking at each other in confusion, I asked him if he was cool with my putting them on my altar. It was time to refresh my ancestors flowers. His response was “I’m actually thinking that’s exactly where they belong and where they came from”. My cancer rising heart melted knowing that I am making my ancestors proud. You see, yes The Most High allows my ancestors to bless me, but it is only because I have a personal relationship with them. I am theirs and they are mine. We are life partners in building the legacy of our lineage. Every step I take is in divine alignment with the path my ancestors laid out for me. Ase’

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