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Hello Autumn

Autumn has officially arrived!!!! We have a new season and a new moon in the same week. Not to mention Saturn went direct last week (shout out to the Capricorns!) . This new moon is going to focus on bringing in balance (Happy Birthday to all the Libra’s!) , breakthroughs, & new beginnings. Get ready to put in the work that it is going to take to keep your energy aligned and harvest the fruits of your labor.

Making sure my chakras are balanced is really important to me at this time of the year. With the weather changing, our energy is vulnerable to depression. Before I started my spiritual journey I suffered from depression. I was on medications to numb the situations but my relationship with depression & how I was coping with it was toxic.

Fast forward a few years & all I can say is thank God for growth. I thank God for the understanding of energy and how it works in regards to my mind, body, and soul. I thank the Universe for aligning me with the right resources to tap into my own healing abilities. Just like joining a religion does not exempt you from tribulations, living in alignment does not mean that you are not going to have battles. You are just better prepared on how to handle them. Having my chakras open and balanced allows me to feel empowered and not depended and that’s exactly what I try to show people during Energy Alignment Coaching Sessions .

Just like you can’t afford to slack on personal hygiene during the hot summer season, you cannot afford to slack on your energetic health and hygiene during the cooler seasons. What I have learned is that it is easier to overcome the depressing energies your lower chakras (root, sacral, & solar plexus) are in check. Check out some of the ways you can keep your energy immune system strong now so that you are fighting the flu of depression later!

~ New Moon In The City 9/26/2019 - Join me in the Queen City at The Nest for an evening of divine alignment as we dress candles in sacred herbs and prepare for the new moon energy. We will chat, enjoy good vibes, and do the work that is needed to align our life with abundance. Rabbit Food Clt will be in the building with endless appetizers & wine Receive a 50% discount on any service booked within 30 days of attending the workshop!!!

~ $15 off Crown Chakra Oil for Tension Relief - Crown Chakra Oil with 500 mg CBD in every bottle. Free Shipping!

~ Autumn Equinox Chakra Reading on Sale $25 ( Regular price $45) - This service involves an over the phone assessment of your 7 main chakra centers to gain insight on the path necessary to create harmony within.

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