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Mastering Life

My journey has thrived to the point where I decided it was time to start teaching others how to heal their own loved ones. That is why decided to further my studies and become a Certified Reiki Master Teacher!!! Reaching this new level has positioned me to be able to empower you even more. Everything you need to heal yourself and balance your energy is within you. And now I am even better equipped to help you tap into that power.

Trust me I am busy working hard to bring you the best Reiki training that I can via distance. It is my goal to empower people to create healing within their homes that can be passed down for generations to come. I will have a class preregistration available by the end of the week. Classes will be offered in groups and individually. If you would like to be notified when the courses become available then please send an email to .

The journey towards growth, healing, & alignment is one that none of us are on alone!

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