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New Moon ... Who This?

Sometimes you must allow yourself to be completely consumed by the darkness to rekindle your flame. The Creator had a master plan when the world was created. The moon leads and I follow her. During the new moon she is always there, even when we can’t see her. She goes within to do her self work. Heal herself. Mend the parts of herself that no one sees. Shadow work is what we call it. The new moon is for banishing anything that no longer serves you. This is how you make room for the things that are to come. The things you pray for have no room to manifest if you do no remove that which no longer serves you. The moon's cycles can cause some deep emotions to arise. The new moon always makes us want to go within. I spent a vast amount of time recharging before I could even begin my work. I need that for ME. And now I feel like a new woman, yet I feel like myself. Because nothing makes me feel more like myself than practicing my craft. Healing is not all love and light. Sometimes it’s ugly cries and purging. Sometimes its banishing negative energy and drawing lines. You must take time to create a divine space for your prayers to manifest ... Happy New Moon in Aquarius !!!!

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