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Sacred Sacral Energy

Sacral Chakra Energy has a heavy hand in your personal intimacy and ways you invest in yourself.

The #sacralchakra is one of the foundations of energetic alignment. When was the last time you saw a solid house built on a shaky foundation? Don’t worry I’ll wait……..

The strength of your foundation is found in the small routines and everyday habits that we create time for. Take some time today to write down a regimen that you can stick to. It does not have to be extravagant or take up a lot of time. I recommend implementing techniques such as prayers, affirmations, excerpts from sacred writings, and mantras. There is an abundance of ways to create a regimen that works for you. I believe in utilizing methods that fit easily into your daily routine. Even the simplest tasks can be sacred if you set your intentions. For example, I make combing and oiling my hair a ritual experience when I use my Crown Chakra Hair Oil . I put a few drops on my scalp and on my hands and then massage my scalp and style my hair. As I handle my tresses, I infuse prayers into my aura. I pray for protection as well as expansion of my gifts. I created it specifically for this purpose... well that & I needed to see some hair growth around here since I was transitioning from weekly edge ups to allowing my hair to restore itself.

Spiritual growth and a balanced life require discipline but should not be forced. What’s for you will align with your lifestyle. Be sure to check out the website to see what ways you can align your energy or how I may help you in the process.

~ New Moon In The City 9/26/2019 - Join me in the Queen City at The Nest for an evening of divine alignment as we dress candles in sacred herbs and prepare for the new moon energy. We will chat, enjoy good vibes, and do the work that is needed to align our life with abundance. Receive a 50% discount on any service booked within 30 days of attending the workshop!!!

**** The first 5 people get $10 off their ticket using promo code EARLY ****

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