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Self Care is Self Love... Make Time For It

I had my first yoni steam experience over the holidays and I am hooked!!!! My sistar Elle over at Echelon Magic Boutique has all of your yoni care needs on lock and even offers an at home yoni steam for those of us who can’t make it all the way to her boutique in Texas. A yoni steam is basically herbal tea for your sacred space. This ancient healing modality is used to cleanse the vagina and uterus addressing issues such as fertility, menstrual cramps, & fibroids.

Life for me has been bananas for the past few months and probably won’t slow down any time soon. Despite my full plate & hectic schedule I know that self care is still a priority. I had been waiting for the perfect time to do my yoni steam and last week seemed to be the day. I had cramps because I was ovulating and cramping all while having a busy mommy schedule so the stars were aligned for much needed self care. What better way to celebrate my regal spirit than to pamper the womb from which I manifest?

I followed the directions that were included in the in home yoni steam package and then hopped in the shower while it cooled. I set up my steam shop in my bathroom, grabbed a glass of wine, & proceeded to take my throne. It was beyond amazing!!! Every inch of my woman parts felt relaxed. I didn’t experience anymore cramping. I felt like I could breathe deeply and freely.

Living in alignment is constant work. My chakras work over time because I am a healer. Taking this time for self care allowed my root, sacral, solar plexus & heart chakra feeling open. With that stress out of my body, my third eye and crown chakras went into high gear. But not in work mode. They went to work in healing mode. I slept like a baby as my spirit travel across realms to a euphoric state. If you are looking for a way to physically & spiritually pamper yourself on your own time, then I suggest you give this a try.

We have teamed up to give you the benefit of two healers for one low price.

Our mission is to help our people heal so that the torch can be passed and we all ultimately experience alignment.

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