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The Healers Series: The Kongo Princess

Ok ok ok… I know it took me longer than we expected but let’s kick this thing off the right way!! Just as a refresher, I will be cutting back on my services that I have been providing in the pst so that I can focus on teaching Reiki I. Today I will be introducing you to my spiritual godmother Mbele.

First things first, what is a spiritual godparent? They do much more than give you spiritual advice. A spiritual godparent takes responsibility for you and your spiritual growth. A good godparent will encourage you to grow on your own journey.

Mbele started her spiritual journey early in life as she had the opportunity to truly grow up learning the practices of her culture. Learning from elders has allowed her to be a true force. While she helps everyone, people of African descent and children hold a soft spot.

I got my first reading from Mbele at the end of 2020. She snatched my whole life in the first 5 minutes of the conversation… I’ve been hooked ever since!!! She gave me solutions to things that spirit presented her with as problem areas of my life. I followed her directions to a T and sure enough a strong wind rushed through my life and changed things around. I shit you not, things that I was told would take over a year to accomplish, happened within a month of following her instructions.

I went to seek her guidance again in January of 2021 and that is when she invited me to Mbele University. This was one of the best decisions I could have made for my spiritual growth. My classmates and I are all from different walks of life and in different places of our spiritual journey yet we all get the individual attention we need.

Since joining her class as a student, I decided to become her godchild. What made me take the leap? EDUCATION! I have learned traditional ways to honor my Ori, my ancestors, and the deities. In addition to all of this I have also been learning the traditional languages of our ancestors. I knew that it was time for me to take my spiritual journey to the next level and that is why The Most High saw fit for m Yeye Mbele and I to cross paths.

You do not have to be a student or godchild to benefit from her gifts that she shares with the world. There is a monthly ritual that she shares with the public as well as pop up rituals on a regular basis. All rituals are thoroughly divined and executed for a donation. Mbele also provides an array of oils & baths that are blessed and charged by her that can be found on her website. We are talking about exclusive products. There is no mass production!!

I recommend her services if you are serious about your growth and/or if you want a traditional spiritual advisor. It doesn’t get any more authentic than Mbele Kongo!!!

Contact Information

Instagram: @mbele_kongoprincess_llc

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