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Thriving in the 1st Mercury Rx of the Decade

Now most of us usually dread Mercury Retrograde. I won’t even front, that used to be me. I would absolutely loathe these times of the year. However the past few cycles I have decided to look at Mercury Retrograde from a different perspective. Instead of thinking of all the challenges and inconveniences I will face, I now look at it as my opportunity to max out. It’s a chance to see how many life lessons I can get under my belt. How many times can I not lose my cool. I get to see how much my communication skills have improved and how balanced my throat chakra really is. Mercury Retrograde provides me the opportunity to thrive in my planning nature so that I can try my best not to get behind schedule despite any delays or technical difficulties.

Use this Mercury Retrograde as a time to build your spiritual muscles. View it as the opportunity to max out and push yourself to the limit. Keep a journal of areas that you need to improve on & build upon that foundation on the retrogrades to come. Make a solid game plan & execute that bad boy with as much precision as you can muster up.

Here are a few things in my Mercury Retrograde Arsenal:

~ Lapis Lazuli & pink opal waist beads to facilitate communication & help keep me out of my emotions

~ Holy water to control the massive downloads I get when I sleep

~ CBD Crown Chakra Hair Oil to keep me relaxed

~ Clear quartz water bottle filled with water that has been charged with specific intentions

These are just a few items that work for me. What you decide to use should be personal to you. Put some thought into what seems to be your biggest problem areas and start there. Remember everything is about your intentions.

Be sure to get your mercury retrograde chakra reading so that you can know exactly which areas you need to focus on. During this reading we will spend time talking about where your energy needs to be directed to get the most growth with the least friction.

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