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To Infinity & Beyond!!

2019 what a year! Sometimes when you’re walking in your life purpose it seems like you’re just out here winging it. Not really knowing what’s coming next but doing the work and trusting the process. There was a lot of putting one foot in front of the other until I was able to catch my stride.

The most valuable lessons were fully understood in what others may have deemed as losses. I thank The Most High for the people that have been in my corner. Those who have held me accountable at the times I was slacking. The work that is done to live a life of alignment is constant. Once your chakras are balanced the work is not complete. The alignment must be maintained. You must be consistent. But most of all you must be loyal to thyself .

Sometimes we don’t see the whole picture. Sometimes you don’t feel like doing the work. Those were the times I had to put my own foot on my own neck. The baby steps are what motivated me to not give up. I look at my scars, both physical and emotional, & I remember I’ve come way too far to go back. At times I have wondered how in the hell all the puzzle pieces would fit together.

As the journey continues, I want to encourage you to not give up on yourself. Nobody is going to ride for you like you ride for you. Those that are in alignment with your life purpose will stay 10 toes down and the ones who are not will set trip. Thank the powers that be for allowing the trash to take itself out. There’s no room for indifference on this journey. Know what you want, know what you deserve and don’t stop until you get there. It doesn’t matter if you have to crawl or take baby steps. Just don’t give up on you!!! Trust the process. Take my word for it when I say you were born to experience the beauty of alignment…. & I’m usually always right ;)

Here’s to alignment all 2020 & beyond!!!!

You know I wont let you go into the new year empty handed. Check this out:

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