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Marmalade by definition is a preserve made using the bitter peels of citrus fruits. This jam is compiled of bitter elements that people often discard. But once a closer look is taken & the work is done, you will see that marmalade is one of the sweetest treats you will experience in your life. I was born with inherited spiritual gifts that have been passed down throughout generations in my family. Because I ran from who I was born to be, I experienced a lot of bitterness in life. Once I began to embrace my true self, I decided to help even more people heal by becoming a Reiki Practitioner. So allow me to welcome you to Soul Marmalade. A place where we take the bitter parts of life and make a sweet and one of a kind masterpiece. It is my desire to educate and help people heal their own sacred energy. Balancing chakras, healing traumas, & mastering alchemy are all things I am here to help you do. Here you will find a little bit of everything to accommodate every step of the healing journey.

Balance your chakras.

Align your energy.

Manifest your true essence.

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