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Stamina… not in the sheets… not in the gym… on your spiritual journey. The wheel of fortune spins nonstop. Sometimes you will be on top joyriding and sometimes you will be at the bottom mustering up all your strength not to get crushed. It’s about staying on your p’s and q’s. Never thinking you are an exception to the wheel of fortune or the rules of the universe. Spirituality and spiritual gifts are like muscles. They work together, are essentially the same, but totally different. Every person must take time for their own spirit. They must protect their spirit. They must feed life into their spirit. Not just healers & spiritual workers. Because if these steps are forgotten, when the wheel of fortune turns, there will be absolutely nothing in their spiritual reservoir. The daily habits, weekly routines, and seasonal rituals are what build stamina and take you from being a scrawny being to a lean spiritual machine (Energy Alignment Coaching provides you with a customized plan to implement in your life) . I know often times people have the misconception that simple things such as lighting a candle or saying affirmations is too simple to make an impact on their chaotic lives. And for them all I have to say is TRY IT!!! Let me know how it works out for you.

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