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We Did It!!!

Wow! Yall we really did it. We had a whole grand opening for Soul Marmalade at The Nest. I say “we” because none of this would be possible without the people who have poured energy into me. My mentors, clients, friends, people who just say encouraging words… EVERYBODY helped me get to this point. It is truly a humbling and gracious feeling to experience. This time last year I was climbing the corporate ladder. When life gave me the blessings I asked for, I had to be ready and willing to walk by faith and not by sight. It was my choice to either continue doing what was comfortable or to take a leap and walk in my life purpose. The most rewarding part is when I see people grow in their own light and alignment. Being able to have a front row seat to watch people grow and succeed because they applied enlightenment that I shared is surreal.

So while I have taken a brief moment to celebrate growth & alignment, the Capricorn in me is still working hard to bring you the energy that is needed to continue to grow on your spiritual journey. I have so much planned for you all and I am certain there is something to accommodate everyone's journey and schedule.

  • 10 Day Chakra Challenge - Spend 10 days dedicated to aligning your chakras. Complete a Chakra Assessment to see your starting place. Then spend the next 7 days working on opening and balancing each chakra. You will receive an assignment sent via email everyday to help with your imbalances. After that, you will take another chakra assessment to see your growth. On the final day we will have a private group call where we can discuss growth and I will be happy to answer any questions.

  • Full Moon Alignment Reading (SALE) - As the last Full Moon before the seasons change, this our opportunity to “harvest” all we can before we enter into the new season. I always like to get readings around the full moon because the energy is so intense. It is nice to be on top of my energy and know exactly where my focus should be to make the most out of it. This service can be provided over the phone, email, or in person.

  • New Moon In The City - Join me at The Nest for an evening of divine alignment as we dress candles in sacred herbs and prepare for the new moon energy. We will chat, enjoy good vibes, and do the work that is needed to align our life with abundance. Receive a 50% discount on any service booked within 30 days of attending the workshop!!!

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