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Energy is exchanged in many different ways. One thing I don’t mind doing is cutting ties & returning the energy to exactly where it came from. It’s empowering & necessary. Something I do on a regular basis. I do it not only for protection but so that I can stay in alignment with my own energy. Cause hey I can’t be out here saving the world one imbalanced chakra at a time if mine are all out of wack. It’s like saying “hey you left this at my house & I’m returning it because I have enough of my own energy to sort through”.

It’s a constant reminder for me not to match people’s energy but instead be the energy I want to receive. If the energy a person gives me is unacceptable then I am allowed to draw boundaries to stop the flow of energy. Boundaries are HUGE part of self love. Love yourself enough to protect the peaceful energy that you worked to achieve.

The same way I return energy to a person, I also call my energy and power back to me on a regular basis. I’ll give you more juice on that in my next blog followed by some gems on alchemy. In the meantime in between time be sure to check out the services below. Whether you are in Charlotte or London, I’ve got something to help you heal your energy.

Dressed Candles - Candle magic is a form of alchemy that dates back to ancient times. You will receive 7 chime candles dressed in herbs and oils and charged with specific intent. Choose from cord cutting, road opener, prosperity, & return to sender.

Full Moon Alignment Reading (SALE $50 Value) - As the last Full Moon before the seasons change, this our opportunity to “harvest” all we can before we enter into the new season. I always like to get readings around the full moon because the energy is so intense. It is nice to be on top of my energy and know exactly where my focus should be to make the most out of it. This service can be provided over the phone, email, or in person.

New Moon In The City - Join me in the Queen City at The Nest for an evening of divine alignment as we dress candles in sacred herbs and prepare for the new moon energy. We will chat, enjoy good vibes, and do the work that is needed to align our life with abundance. Receive a 50% discount on any service booked within 30 days of attending the workshop!!!

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